Change the way women and families of color experience healthcare

Let’s build trust with women and families of color by providing respectable and comprehensive care.

What Can Do for You.
  • Improve patient booking and
    communication with live chat & video.
  • Reduce liability & overhead costs.
  • Keep patients in your practice.
  • Provide better care.
  • Reduce rejected claims.
  • Reduce no shows.
  • Earn more.

Here to help

Manage existing patients, find new patients, & make careplans more accessible

Join board-certified doctors collaborating and coordinating their patient care through a digital platform. They have seen increased patient engagement and improved health outcomes with their patients currently enrolled in InovCares.

Collaborative Digital Clinic

InovCares provides patient engagement, care coordination, HIPAA-compliant secure communication, and outreach tools for providers and patients. We provide best-in-class engagement tools for healthcare providers in various fields by facilitating video and message consultations, processing billing, enabling mail-order prescription fulfillment, and booking rides for patients to improve no-shows.

Compassionate Doctors

Join compassionate board-certified doctors doing great things with InovCares. Our digital programs give you access to collaborate and coordinate your patient care with other specialties- via web or mobile.

What Our Health Experts Are Saying...

Now we can collaborate, through InovCares, with the patient’s nutritionist, personal trainer and psychologist. It has allowed us much more accurate diagnosis and much faster treatment almost anywhere in the world.
-Dr. Nelson Alawode, M.D. OB-GYN
Current Participating Doctor

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