Modernizing healthcare for women of color

Culturally Sensitive Telehealth Care
At InovCares, our providers are specially trained to learn, listen, and be culturally understanding of the patients we serve. Our mobile app provides instant, confidential, access to providers who understand you and your unique needs. Connect with culturally sensitive providers to help you navigate fertility, birth planning, childbirth, mental health, breastfeeding, and more.

Health Assessments & Custom Health Report
Unlock your health potential using our advanced NASA-powered technology that allows you to receive a full body physical and custom health report right from the comfort of your own home!

Personal Health Tracking & Wellness Rewards
Elevate your health, earn rewards, and keep your provider informed of vital health information to improve your overall well-being.

Prescription Delivery Service
Order prescriptions straight to your home through our integrated prescription delivery service!

Our Mission for Women of Color
Our mission is to address the concerns of women of color which are, unfortunately, often dismissed in healthcare settings. In addition, many women do not receive culturally humble and competent care that promotes trust between patient and provider. The cumulative effect of these dynamics is diminished confidence in healthcare, misdiagnosis, improper treatment and, ultimately, worse outcomes for women of color and their babies. InovCares providers have expertise in providing culturally competent care, dedication to the patient-provider relationship, and passion for eliminating outcome disparities for women and children.

Understanding YOU

We at InovCares understand how life can be busy or stressful. We also recognize it can become a juggling act when trying to balance work, a healthy lifestyle, or a family. That’s why we’ve made our services quick and easy to manage. From at-home appointments with a physician to a subscription delivery service, we aim to provide caring, trustworthy, and stress-free health care services to women from all walks of life.

For Individuals

Learn what InovCares does for people from all walks of life via our comprehensive healthcare system and physicians who are culturally competent and understanding.

For Providers

Are you a Physician and want to expand your practice? Learn how to join InovCares' growing team of physicians, doulas, mental health experts, and more!

For Employers

InovCares is designed to help your team balance their work and personal life. With programs that support their physical and emotional health, InovCares helps families around the world thrive.
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Access to a Network of Culturally-Competent Providers

General Health

Allergies, Birth Control, Cold & Flu

Obstetric Care

Fertility support, Postpartum care, and Breastfeeding help


Weight loss, Meal Planning

Mental Health

Stress & anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions


Infant care, Children’s health, Behavioral issues

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation, Exercise Planning, Injury & Pain

How it works

Download our patient app and access thousands of healthcare professionals at your fingertips!!!

Book Appointments from your phone

Track your health, join a healthcare tribe and get rewarded

Improve physical and mental health

Access specialists and support teams

Empowering providers that delivers culturally aligned care to patients

Join board-certified culturally aligned doctors providing virtual care for any women's health condition. Collaborate and coordinate your patient care across other specialties via web or mobile, night or day – like having the world’s leading experts on call. Our providers have seen increased patient engagement and improved health outcomes with the use of InovCares technology.

InovCares Providers

Our Providers are culturally-competent.

Culturally-competent care for families of color

InovCares is designed to help your family balance both work and family life. With programs that support their physical and emotional health, InovCares helps families around the world thrive.


Dr. Alawode

“I was having infertility issues which I discussed with Dr. Alawode, an OB/GYN, on the app. He provided a treatment plan, tried it and it worked. The burden of the issue was affecting me mentally. I am happy with the care received."
Matu M

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