InovCares is a mission-driven organization successfully transforming how people access and experience healthcare. We are focused on high quality, low cost, and improving health around the world.

Meet our Founder

Mohamed Kamara

After a family tradgey, the passing of his older sister during childbirth, he was driven to look for solutions in womens healthcare. He has built InovCares to make medical help more accessible to women; particularly for women of color.

We Are Transforming Care for Women of Color

  • More time with your Care Team.
  • A professional Health Coach.
  • Curated action list with your health needs at the forefront.
  • Connected health devices help monitor your overall physical state.
  • Pre and Postpartum Care
  • Rewards for healthy behavior.
  • Specifically vetted and culturally relevant Medical Professionals.
  • Empowering you to customize your health and wellness.

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