Telehealth and wellness for corporations and hospital systems

This conversation with CEO of CNSI, Todd Stottlemyer, empowers us with how hospital systems and employers implement wellness, telehealth, and healthcare federal technologies to scale wellness and address inefficiencies in medicare claims and reimbursement. Additionally, he shares how teamwork, corporate culture, and servant leadership creates lasting value for stakeholders.

Todd Stottlemyer serves as CEO of CNSI, a private equity-backed (A&M Capital) healthcare technology solutions company that delivers a broad range of health information technology enterprise solutions and customizable products to a diverse base of state and federal agencies. Prior to joining CNSI, Todd served as CEO of the Inova Health System’s Center for Personalized Health; as CEO of Acentia, a private equity-backed (Snow Phipps Group) information technology company (sold to MAXIMUS); as President and CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business; as CEO of Apogen Technologies, a private equity-backed (Arlington Capital Partners) information technology company (sold to QinetiQ); as President of McGuireWoods Consulting; as Chief Financial Officer of BTG, a publicly-traded information technology company; and as Corporate Vice President of BDM International, a two times publicly traded and private equity-backed (The Carlyle Group) information technology company (sold to TRW; now Northrop Grumman). Todd currently serves as a Venture Partner for Blue Delta Capital Partners and on the boards of LMI, IST Research, and Verato. Previously, Todd served on the board of Aviza, a virtual health software company that was sold to AmericanWell. Todd attended William & Mary, graduating Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A, and he received a Juris Doctor degree from the Georgetown University Law Center.