Science of Smiles – The Chemistry & Psychology of Happiness and Price of Entrepreneurship

Ken Rochon, Founder, and Andrea Adams-Miller, Executive Director of the Keep Smiling Movement, Inc., are on a mission to create and capture smiles all over the world. Ken Rochon, Social Proof Celebrity Event Photographer, President of The Umbrella Syndicate alongside Adams-Miller, CEO of The RED Carpet Connection, International Publicist, have captured the smiles of hundreds of CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, models, influencers, veterans, first responders, and more holding the blue “Keep Smiling” cards!

These photographed honorees are an example of the type of people who stand for love and acceptance by creating SMILES. Barry Shore, pictured in the banner above, the originator of the “Keep Smiling” cards, used a smile to change his mindset and physical abilities after 8 years of quadriplegia due to symptoms of Guillain- Barre Syndrome. Now, as the “ambassador of Joy,” he spreads love, acceptance, and joy like a positive viral contagion.

We sat down with Ken Rochon to discuss his journey while keeping in mind that 72% of entrepreneurs are affected by mental health conditions as they chase their dreams. Ken is the author of 22 published books, speaker, and radio host. A baby boomer entrepreneur and the guardian angel of the Keep Smiling campaign, he opens up about his mental health on his journey to stardom.