Impact-driven community digital health innovation with investor & innovation executive, D.D. Johnice

CEO/Chief Strategy Officer, The Wonder Guild. Formerly Sr. Director, Community Health & Social Innovation, Kaiser Permanente. Founder of The Wonder Guild companies, a speculative design and innovation consultancy that helps enterprises discover, design and bring to market sustainable new products, services and business models. She and her Wonder Guides connect global startups and corporates, advise innovation leaders, develop unexpected partnerships to co-innovate the health, consumer packaged goods, financial services, energy and supply chain industries.

Previously, Ms Johnice led the Community Health Innovation Lab for Kaiser Permanente, an $80B US healthcare provider and insurer where she designed a model for accelerating affordable housing and accelerated emerging solutions to address socioeconomic determinants of health.

Harvard and Boston University-educated innovation executive, investor, startup advisor, and entrepreneur. D.D. is a uniquely capable and innovative business leader who happens to specialize in communications and technology platforms for the 21st century. As an accomplished, creative strategist, speculative designer and futurist skilled in solving business challenges using design, innovative applications of technology, non-traditional operating models and unexpected partnerships. She has helped clients design ecosystem-fit products, services, business models and solutions that sustainably achieve exceptional and measurable financial and organizational goals.

Through her work leading corporate innovation in the healthcare, technology, advertising and marketing, and financial, business and professional services industries, she had the privilege of designing new, self-sustaining, high-impact solutions that leverage what’s best in people, communities, nonprofits, business, government and technology to solve the greatest health, social and economic challenges we face as a society.